Diamond Door

There is a multifaceted existence that allows us to believe
more than one thing at a time.

There is a Victorian door of thought
you must pass through,
to decorate the lofty ornate rooms,
and arrange the blooms
from floor to ceiling
with inspiration,
wafts of cedar and balsam rise limitless;
now, hang the snowflakes a child made
to the ceiling by a theocratic thread,
and watch the genius stroke of wide brush,
as snowflakes fall like milky fairies from the sky.

Is the galaxy a mineral,
a plant, or an animal?
Atheists believe it to be a metal,
Buddhists believe it to be a plant,
while Christians believe it to be a person.
The moment earth was visible,
was the moment at which the person said:
“Let there be light,” and the diamonds
(each facet said “light!”)
appeared beneath the earth’s stones
and caves to symbolize covenant.

Emily Isaacson

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