Aspen Game

The essence of courage aids against foreboding,
guiding our subconscious.

With foreboding, they played “Farmer in the Dell.”
A sensible child, she stood in the middle.
The five year old girl with an active imagination
continued the song long after it had stopped.
Intuitively, she knew more about rhymes
than the average person,
and could predict when they would sing again.
On warm afternoons, someone would become the cheese.

She had an inspiration to interpret
their varied meanings, the occasional slights,
the looks, and the sing-song
“roses are red, violets are blue.”
She knew no fear. Her deep-rooted
sense that all are safe filled her
with optimism—the aspens shook in the wind,
gazing into the iris of her existence and fate.

Emily Isaacson

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